To add or manage bank accounts, click here.

In order to send checks, you must first have at least one authorized and confirmed bank account.

To add a new bank account, type an account name (this is for your reference), the routing number and account number for the account.

Choose whether this is an individual or company account from the dropdown.

Finally, enter your signatory name. This is the name that will be used to create a digital signature on your checks. Please ensure that this name is an authorized signatory for your bank account.

When you're done, click "Add account"

Within 1-3 days, DocuPost will make two small deposits to your account to verify you have access to the account.  Once you see these transactions, go back to the bank accounts page and click "Verify now" next to your account.

Now, enter the two deposit amounts and click "Verify"

If accepted, your account will now be verified and you can send checks from DocuPost.