To get started mailing a postcard, click "Send mail" in the upper left corner of DocuPost and select "Send postcard"

From this screen, you can either select a front postcard image from our library, or click the "Custom image" radio button to upload your own.

If you upload a custom image, the image should be 1875 x 1275 pixels in size.

The back of your postcard can also be customized with your own image. If you use a custom image for the back of your postcard, be sure to reference our template to ensure that no images will be obscured behind the address and postage information printed on the postcard.

You may also simply enter a message that DocuPost should print on the back of your postcard.  You may choose between handwritten, serif or sans serif font options.

When you're ready to mail your postcard, fill in your recipient and sender information, click "Send postcard", and you're done!