The most common reason for a mailing to be in an Error status is a problem with the address or addresses that you've supplied.

Please check for the following issues -

  1. Invalid or Mis-formatted Bulk Mailing Recipients.  If you have uploaded a spreadsheet of your mailing list, it is required that all fields (name, address, city, state, zip) are formatted and matched to the correct columns.  To check this, visit your Address book and confirm if your recipient addresses have all the proper fields.  If they are missing fields, please make corrections (or delete and re-upload your spreadsheet and choose the correct columns to match).  Once you have done so, you may click the red "Cancel" button on your mailing and re-submit it with the corrected address.
  2. Missing or Invalid Address Information for Sender or Recipient. DocuPost requires valid ZIP codes as well as valid return address (sender) information in order to obtain USPS postage.  Please double check that you have supplied accurate and USPS-valid return address information and that your zip codes are not incorrect.  If they require revision, you may click the red "Cancel" button and re-submit your mailing.

If neither of these issues seem to apply, please Contact Us for further assistance.